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Certificate In Health Coach Course

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Certificate In Health Coach Course

`The development and progression of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and overweight and several types of cancer are often caused by poor lifestyle choices. These include poor diet, frequent smoking and drinking, lack of physical activity and sleep, and insufficient relief against stress. `While most people acknowledge the importance of healthful behaviours to avoid these poor lifestyle choices and prevent or manage chronic diseases, many proved how difficult it is to proceed and sustain healthy changes on your own. It is in cases like these that the assistance of a health coach becomes imperative.`Similar to a personal trainer or a life coach, the role of a health coach is to mentor and support a client in achieving certain health goals. Rather than employing a ‘prescribe and treat’ approach, this professional focuses on behavioral changes to achieve desired results.`A growing number of individuals and companies have proved the efficacy of health coaches in cultivating a healthier lifestyle. However, as healthy coaching is a fairly new niche, there is also a growing demand for the service of certified health coaches. Glezoo’s Health Coach Certification course can prepare you to fill this unique niche. `Our course is designed to teach you how to assess current health conditions of clients and properly set achievable goals; develop, implement and modify a realistic plan; provide counseling; track client progresses; and reinforce successes. You will also be taught how to guide clients towards achieving holistic health and wellness. `When you take our Health Course Certification, you can be certain that you will leave the program with the right knowledge and skills set to lend people a hand in abandoning their bad lifestyle choices and in living meaningful lives with good and healthy habits.


Lesson 1 – What You Need To Know About Health Coaching
  • 1.1 Learning Objectives
  • 1.2 On Health Coaching
  • 1.3 What will I get from Health Coaching?
Lesson 2 – The Health Coaching Pillars
  • 2.1 Learning Objectives
  • 2.2 Health Coaching Pillars: An Overview
  • 2.3 Physical Health and Disease Management
  • 2.4 Physical Fitness and Weight Management
  • 2.5 Emotional Health and Well-Being
Lesson 3 – Assistance Forms And The Health Coach
  • 3.1 Learning Objectives
  • 3.2 Health Coach Roles
  • 3.3 Assistance #1: Education and Guidance
  • 3.4 Assistance #2: Programs
  • 3.5 Assistance #3: Encouragement and Support
  • 3.6 Assistance #4: Alternative Resources
Lesson 4 – Nutritional Principles
  • 4.1 Learning Objectives
  • 4.2 On Food Plans and Nutritional Principles
  • 4.3 Calorie Balance
  • 4.4 Macronutrients
  • 4.5 Meal Timing
Lesson 5 – Diet Guidelines And Assessments
  • 5.1 Learning Objectives
  • 5.2 What You Should Recommend
  • 5.3 Diet Assessment
Lesson 6 – Introducing Fitness And Cardio Training
  • 6.1 Learning Objectives
  • 6.2 Why’s and How’s of Fitness Assessment
  • 6.3 Fitness Areas: An Overview
  • 6.4 Aerobic Training
Lesson 7 – Strength And Flexibility Training
  • 7.1 Learning Objectives
  • 7.2 Strength Training
  • 7.3 Flexibility Training
Lesson 8 – Supporting the client emotionally
  • 8.1 Learning Objectives
  • 8.2 Why’s and How’s of Emotional Assessment
  • 8.4 On Managing Stress
  • 8.5 On Overcoming Negative Thinking
  • 8.6 On Living with Balance
Lesson 9 – Client Accountability
  • 9.1 Learning Objectives
  • 9.2 Client Accountability: An Overview
  • 9.3 Regular Goal Setting
  • 9.4 Checklists
  • 9.5 Homework Assignments
  • 9.6 Daily Check-Ins
  • 9.7 Support Buddy System
Lesson 10 – Health Coaching And The Health Coach
  • 10.1 Learning Objectives
  • 10.2 The Health Coach Self-Care
  • 10.3 On Client Overbooking
  • 10.4 On a Health Coach’s Sleep Needs
  • 10.5 On a Health Coach’s Nutrition Needs
  • 10.6 On Keeping Work at Work, Not Home
  • 10.7 On Taking Time Off
Lesson 11 – Establishing a client base as a Health coach
  • 11.1 Learning Objectives
  • 11.2 The Health Coach Self-Marketing
  • 11.3 The Business Home Base
  • 11.4 The Advertisement
  • 11.5 The Customer
  • 11.6 The Website
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